Instagram: 10 Accounts About Portuguese Wine You Should Follow

Portuguese Wine Instagram Accounts 2019

Expand your wine knowledge and improve your Instagram feed by following these ten great Portuguese wine Instagram accounts.


With more than one hundred thousand followers on Instagram Nuno Guedes Vaz Pires, Director at Revista de Vinhos (the leading wine magazine in Portugal) and Essência do Vinho (the most notorious wine event) is one of the most influential personalities in the Portuguese wine circle. If you want to know what’s going on with the wine industry and events but also keep up with the new products on the market, this is the account you should follow now


I Love Douro is a hub for products and experiences related with the Douro region. In this beautifully crafted Instagram feed you’ll find not only amazing photos but also information about where to stay, what to drink and, most obviously, where to appreciate the amazing Port and table wines from the Douro Valley.


Revista de Vinhos is the reference publication on wines and gastronomy. With 29 years of continuous monthly edition, it is the medium with more notoriety in the Portuguese market. The perfect place to keep up with wine tasting notes and much more.


Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission is an institution dedicated to certifying, controlling and protecting the Alentejo wines. It is also recognized for the work developed with Alentejo wines promotion both nationally and abroad.


Esporão started by producing wines in Alentejo but has expanded into Douro wines and olive oil. The estate includes not only a 13th century castle but also an archaeological complex dating back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods. For Esporão “it’s urgent to slow down”. Follow and be inspired.


Monte da Ravasqueira is an ambitious, top quality wine project. All bottles are a blend of tradition, innovation and dedication to the art and science of winemaking. Follow to get a feel on Alentejo’s scenery, culture and wine traditions.


Adegga is a fun way to taste and discover surprising wines. Founded in 2006 by André Ribeirinho, Adegga brings together consumers and wine producers through an online platform that, combined with events, allows wine lovers to comfortably discover new wines and acquire them directly from the producer. 


Taylor’s Port Wine displays the most lush Instagram feed from this list – makes you want to start drinking Port wine right away. These magnificently produced product and estate images are a must watch.


Churchill’s – where tradition meets a modern spirit” is the motto that stands behind this strong character Port brand. Churchill’s Instagram feed enjoys, art, music and places its wines in everyday moments. If this is your thing, you might consider to take a look.


Rita Rivotti is the “go to person” in Portugal for wine branding and packaging. She’s the author behind the design of well known wines and wine companies like Papa Figos, Quinta do Côtto, Cartuxa, Tiago Cabaço, Ravasqueira, Carm, Duorom among many others. 

I hope this article helps to improve your Instagram feed, the downside being that you’ll feel thirsty every time you access the app. Gladly, wine it’s not a digital product, yet!

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