Portuguese wine terms explained: Quick reference guide

Portuguese wine terms explained: Quick reference guide

I’ve compiled a quick reference guide with forty Portuguese wine terms and their English counterparts.
You can also find links to articles with additional information about these words, the context where they are used and their etymology.

Interested in taking a deep dive into wine culture in Portugal? Discover the meaning of the most common wine agriculture terms.

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Wine agriculture: Portuguese terms explained

Types of wine

When looking at labels, going to the supermarket or talking about wine with friends, there are some omnipresent expressions. Get to know the Portuguese words used for different types of wine.

Know more about wine types in this article:
Types of wine: Portuguese terms explained

Serving wine

If you’re in hosting a dinner with Portuguese friends, eating great food and serving wine you’ve probably keep listening to the same Portuguese words. Get to know their meaning.

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Serving wine: Portuguese terms explained

Wine production and storage

If you’re planning to travel in Portugal, buy wine and visit some wine estates you’ll probably encounter some of these Portuguese words. Discover their meaning.

Know more about wine production and storage in this article:
Wine production and storage: Portuguese terms explained

I hope this quick reference guide was of some help. If you’ve found it interesting, check the articles below to know more about the Portuguese wine universe.

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