365 Portuguese Wines to Drink All Year Round

Wooden letters surrounded by corks from various Portuguese wine producers

Choosing a bottle of wine can be a challenging task, so I’ve picked some of the best Portuguese wines, added some of my personal favorites, and the final result is a suggestion of one different Portuguese wine for every day of the year. As simple as that.

The price range goes from 3 to 300 euros, and I’ve included bottles from all the 14 Portuguese wine regions. The list features Red, White, Fortified, and Sparkling wines from both big and small producers. 

Give it a try! Pick any month or day and you’ll find a recommendation.


The year starts with an amazing wine produced by Quinta dos Termos. This is a red wine made with grapes coming from old vines in Belmonte, Beira Interior. Other wines to drink in January include the RS Baga Blanc de Noir Bruto Sparkling made from Baga, the most cherished grape in Bairrada.

From Lisboa I recommend the Confidencial Reserva Red a very affordable wine that got 90 points from Wine Enthusiast. The last highlight from January, Monte da Ravasqueira Vinha Das Romãs is a personal favorite. This Red boasts a very intense, rich, and complex aroma. A gem from Alentejo.

Monte Da Ravasqueira Vinha Das Romãs Red 2017
1Quinta dos Termos Old Vines Reserve Red 2017Beira Interior€10
2Golpe Reserva Red 2017Douro€15
3Quinta de Cabriz Reserve Red 2015Dão€10
4Quinta da Lapa Merlot Reserva Red 2016Tejo€9
5Casa Américo Reserva Red 2014Dão€9
6Confidencial Reserva Red 2017Lisboa€5
7Quinta do Rendeiro White 2016Lisboa€16
8Herdade do Rocim Amphora Red 2019Alentejo€13
9Quinta Vale d’Aldeia Reserva Red 2015Douro€15
10Burmester Ruby PortDouro€8
11Tapada do Chaves Reserva Alentejo Red 2014Alentejo€26
12Esporão Reserva Red 2017Alentejo€16
13Dalva White PortDouro€8
14Quinta do Gradil Viosinho White 2018Lisboa€11
15Quinta dos Aciprestes Red 2017Douro€8
16Herdade Grande Grande Reserva White 2018Alentejo€17
17Castello D'Alba Red 2017Douro€5
18Quinta das Bágeiras White 2018Bairrada€8
19Vinha Grande Red 2018Douro€11
20Quinta de Vale Mourisco White 2019Lisboa€7
21RS Baga Blanc de Noir Bruto Sparkling 2016Bairrada€11
22Vale da Mata White 2018Lisboa€10
23Quinta dos Roques Encruzado White 2018Dão€20
24Cartuxa Évora Colheita Red 2016Alentejo€19
25Monte da Ravasqueira Vinha Das Romãs Red 2017Alentejo€15
26Soalheiro Reserva Alvarinho White 2016Vinho Verde€26
27Quinta do Francês Odelouca Red 2015Algarve€20
28Malaca Reserva Aragonês Red 2014Algarve€25
29Quinta do Boição Vinhas Velhas White 2017Lisboa€25
30Coragem Chardonnay White 2017Lisboa€9
31Conde de Vimioso Sommelier Edition Red 2017Tejo€8


This month I’d like to highlight two white and two red wines starting with the Lés-a-Lés Sério de Síria, a project that aims to recover forgotten Portuguese grapes, in this case, Síria, planted in Lisboa. Only a few thousand bottles are made. A must-try. The other white, Dory, also from the Lisboa region is widely available in the market and is the type of wine that manages to deliver, always. This blend of Arinto, Viognier, and Fernão Pires pairs very well with fish dishes. 

Moon Harvested Red from Herdade dos Grous takes it up a notch. This full-flavored, round, silky wine is just plain delicious. The other Red is the 10-year-old Tawny from Ferreirinha, a wine made to be enjoyed, one chalice at a time.

Lés-a-Lés Sério de Síria White 2016
1Gloria Reynolds Art & Tradition Red 2007Alentejo€48
2Quinta da Pacheca Superior Red 2018Douro€10
3Sandeman Quinta do Seixo Port 2017Douro€280
4Lés-a-Lés Sério de Síria White 2016Lisboa€16
5Santos & Seixo Perspectiva Reserva Red 2016Douro€8
6Dory White 2019Lisboa€5
7Alambre Moscatel de Setúbal 30 YearsSetúbal€84
8Pios Red 2017Douro€10
9Campolargo Cerceal White 2016Bairrada€25
10Quinta Valle Passos Reserve Red 2015Trás-os-Montes€18
11Adega Mãe 221 Alvarinho White 2015Lisboa€30
12São Domingos Lopo de Freitas Red 2003Bairrada€19
13Mouchão Ponte das Canas Red 2012Alentejo€19
14Quinta dos Carvalhais Branco Especial WhiteDão€39
15Andreza Reserva Red 2017Douro€8
16Beyra Grande Reserva Red 2015Beira Interior€26
17Cartuxa Vinho de Talha Red 2017Alentejo€56
18Crasto Red 2018Douro€12
19Vértice Chardonnay Sparkling 2010Douro€120
20Quinta do Cardo Vinha do Lomedo White 2014Beira Interior€22
21Maçanita Red 2018Douro€10
22Lopo de Freitas White 2016Bairrada€28
23Ferreira Dona Antonia 10 Years Tawny PortDouro€18
24Quinta Vale do Ruivo Arinto White 2011Beira Interior€10
25Quinta da Curia Clefs D'Or Red 2011Bairrada€23
26Terrenus Reserva White 2017Alentejo€22
27Herdade dos Grous Moon Harvested Red 2018Alentejo€26
28Mirabilis Grande Reserva 2018 WhiteDouro€42


If you wish to start March with a different experience, I’ll recommend a varietal made with Alfrocheiro from Quinta dos Termos. One of the wines that impressed me the most lately.

As I write this, I’m starting to spot a personal tendency towards Whites from Lisboa. Well, the truth is that this region is putting some great bottles on the market and this Reserva from Quinta da Boa Esperança is no exception.

Now something special, the Moscatel de Favaios Colheita 1980 Siza Vieira. A muscat from the Douro Valley. The bottle was designed by Siza Vieira, an internationally acclaimed Portuguese architect, and by the way, the wine is damn good.

Have you ever had wine from the Tejo region? If not you can start with the Marquesa de Alorna Grande Reserva Red. It received 93 points from Mark Squires (Robert Parker).

“This Tejo producer has a winner here. It is a blend of 40% Touriga Nacional, 25% Touriga Franca, 20% Castelão and 15% Syrah. It is beautifully built and chock full of fruit, too.”

Mark Squires for Robert Parker
Quinta dos Termos Vinha das Colmeias Red 2017
1Quinta dos Termos Vinha das Colmeias Red 2017Beira Interior€16
2Kelman Encruzado Grande Reserva White 2015Dão€15
3Quinta de Arcossó Bago a Bago Red 2015Trás-os-Montes€35
4Quinta da Boa Esperança Reserve White 2018Lisboa€19
5Principal Grande Reserva Red 2011Bairrada€100
6Scala Coeli White 2014Alentejo€34
7Quinta de Ventozelo White 2015Douro€20
8Anselmo Mendes Pardusco Private Escolha Red 2015Vinho Verde€20
9Vértice Gouveio Sparkling 2011Douro€24
10Soalheiro Alvarinho Bruto Sparkling 2018Vinho Verde€13
11Fronteira Reserva Red 2017Douro€9
12Alves de Sousa Abandonado Red 2015Douro€85
13Madre de Água Encruzado White 2016Dão€20
14Moscatel de Favaios Colheita 1980 Siza VieiraDouro€95
15Quinta de La Rosa Red 2018Douro€12
16Luís Pato Vinha Barrosa Red 2015Bairrada€26
17Quinta de Baixo Vinhas Velhas White 2015Bairrada€31
18Marquesa de Alorna Grande Reserva Red 2015Tejo€28
19Vinha dos Santos Red 2017Douro€8
20Beyra Superior Red 2013Beira Interior€15
21Quinta do Regueiro Barricas Alvarinho White 2018Vinho Verde€19
22Beyra Vinhas Antigas Red 2014Beira Interior€26
23Vértice Pinot Noir Sparkling 2008Douro€59
24Graça 28 Reserva Red 2018Douro€9
25Quinta Valle Passos White 2016Trás-os-Montes€11
26Niepoort Porto Vintage 2017Douro€99
27Somnium White 2018Douro€21
28Flor das Tecedeiras Red 2018Douro€9
29Três Bagos Reserva Red 2015Douro€10
30Tapada de Coelheiros Red 2015Alentejo€33
31Colinas do Douro Superior Red 2017Douro€6


The saying goes that, in April, it rains a lot. So get ready for a downpour of amazing wines.

Let’s start with Aparte. These guys break “the rules” by mixing grapes from different regions. The Classic White is a limited edition of 1000 bottles. Arinto grapes come from Alenquer, Alvarinho from Torres Vedras, and Encruzado from Vila Nova de Tazem, each grape fermented separately and aged for 8 months in used barrels. There you go!

On the other end of the spectrum, Cedro do Noval is so well-established that I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love this amazing Douro wine. 
If you’re a fan of big bold reds here are two: one from Alentejo and the other from the Douro. If you enjoy a touch of spices, mint, and tobacco, drink the Dona Maria now, while the Vinha do Ujo you can keep it in the cellar for a few more years.

Vinhos Aparte Classic White 2019
1Vinhos Aparte Classic White 2019N/A€15
2Cedro do Noval Red 2017Douro€14
3Lua Nova Em Vinhas Velhas Red 2016Douro€5
4Poeirinho Garrafeira Red 2012Bairrada€72
5Malhadinha Red 2009Alentejo€72
6Quinta do Crasto Reserva Vinhas Velhas Red 2017Douro€35
7Quinta do Gradil Reserva White 2015Lisboa€19
8Duas Quintas Red 2017Douro€11
9Quinta do Vallado Reserva White 2019Douro€22
10Ferreira Dona Antonia 10 Years White PortDouro€25
11Fronteira Reserva Red 2017Douro€9
12Kopke Red 2018Douro€7
13Herdade do Sobroso Barrique Select Red 2016Alentejo€10
14Quinta das Bágeiras Pai Abel Garrafeira Red 2015Bairrada€75
15Quinta de La Rosa Red 2018Douro€12
16Gonçalves Faria White 2014Bairrada€31
17Venâncio Costa Lima Moscatel Roxo Reserva da Família 2017Setúbal€20
18Dona Maria Grande Reserva Red 2014Alentejo€32
19Vinha dos Santos Red 2017Douro€8
20Murganheira Vintage Pinot Noir Bruto Sparkling 2009Távora-Varosa€28
21Quinta da Vacariça Garrafeira Red 2008Bairrada€35
22Quinta da Calçada Alvarinho White 2018Távora-Varosa€10
23Quinta do Portal Red 2017Douro€9
24Casa de Cadaval Red 2017Tejo€5
25António Saramago Superior White 2017Setúbal€24
26Aventura White 2019Alentejo€10
27Zom Colecção Red 2012Douro€35
28Ilha Tinta Negra Red 2018Madeira€20
29DR Reserva Red 2015Douro€9
30Quinta da Boavista Vinha do Ujo Red 2016Douro€150


In May I’d like to bring a rosé to the stage. Quinta Nova Rosé 2018 is a very serious wine. I’ve had the chance to pair it with a Sunday roast and it had an impeccable performance. Strongly recommend it. 

Next, there are two sparkling wines, one from Távora-Varosa and the other from Bairrada. If you want finesse and sophistication, go for the aged Murganheira Assemblage Sparkling 2002. If you prefer a powerful, yet elegant, espumante go for the Quinta das Bágeiras Super Reserva Rosé Sparkling 2011.

Because in May the sun is out and the weather is nice, at least in Portugal, it’s time for Vinho Verde. Pequenos Rebentos results from a  love affair. It comes from an Azal vine planted in the 1930s. Expect a rustic wine with very high acidity that has been tamed in oak barrels for five months. Less than 600 bottles were made. The Jurássico is a rare Alvarinho cuvée that presents great aromatic complexity, mixing suggestions of orange peel, mandarin, ginger, resins, iodine, and a light petroleum touch.

Regueiro Jurássico I White
1Filipa Pato Nossa Calcário White 2017Bairrada€23
2Quinta Vale Dona Maria Red 2017Douro€47
3Valle Pradinhos Reserva Red 2018Trás-os-Montes€12
4Quinta Nova Rosé 2018Douro€13
5Catarina White 2019Setúbal€7
6Casa de Cadaval Tricadeira Preta Red 2016Tejo€13
7Murganheira Assemblage Sparkling 2002Távora-Varosa€18
8Três Bagos Reserva White 2018Douro€7
9Assobio Red 2018Douro€6
10Herdade da Calada Caladessa Escolha Red 2015Alentejo€8
11Titan of Douro Red 2018Douro€11
12Domini Red 2018Douro€8
13Colossal Red 2016Lisboa€5
14Meruge White 2015Douro€18
15Murganheira Millesime Bruto Sparkling 2009Távora-Varosa€27
16Adega Mayor Reserva do Comendador Red 2006Alentejo€36
17Messias Unoaked Red 2017Douro€6
18Quinta da Casa Amarela Red 2018Douro€10
19Quinta das Bágeiras Super Reserva Rosé Sparkling 2011Bairrada€18
20Pequenos Rebentos Selvagem White 2017Vinho Verde€30
21Grandes Quintas Red 2017Douro€8
22Tyto Alba Red 2016Tejo€8
23Encontro Preto Branco Reserva Red 2016Bairrada€12
24Bote Sailing Boat Red 2016Douro€8
25Dona Maria Petit Verdot Red 2013Alentejo€23
26Regueiro Jurássico I WhiteVinho Verde€45
27Casa das Flores Grande Reserva Red 2014Douro€35
28Vicentino Syrah Red 2018Alentejo€11
29Quinta da Alorna Reserve Red 2016Tejo€9
30Herdade Monte da Cal Reserva Red 2017Alentejo€10
31Kaputt Douro WhiteDouro€35


So many good wines, so little time. 

Only 1200 bottles were made from the Poças Fora da Série Touriga Nacional Red 2015. A powerful, elegant, balanced, fresh, and harmonious wine. Everything a Touriga Nacional should be. Also from the Douro, the Obliti Late Harvest White 2013 is probably the best LH in the Portuguese market right now: sweetness, acidity, aromas, and intensity all at the same level. An intense, mesmerizing wine. 

From Quinta Valle Passos in Trás-os-Montes, comes this Tinta Amarela varietal, a Red that combines elegance and personality, with the typical notes of dry vegetables, herbs, and spices. 

Also from the same region, there’s the Quinta Serra D’Oura White. Floral aroma, with pollen hints, sweet barrel, and dried herbs.

From the Dão, the Adro da Sé White is a surprising wine at an excellent price. 
Al last but not least the Luis Pato Vinha Formal Sparkling 2010 is a super elegant sparkling made from Bical and Touriga Nacional.

Poças Fora da Série Touriga Nacional Red 2015
1Poças Fora da Série Touriga Nacional Red 2015Douro€36
2Casal Figueira Red 2019N/A€15
3Obliti Late Harvest White 2013Douro€23
4Quinta Valle Passos Tinta Amarela Red 2016Trás-os-Montes€17
5Quinta da Calçada Loureiro White 2019Vinho Verde€9
6Ribeiro Santo Grande Escolha Red 2013Dão€32
7Pequenos Rebentos Loureiro White 2020Vinho Verde€7
8Adro da Sé White 2017Dão€5
9Quinta de Santiago Alvarinho Sparling 2017Vinho Verde€18
10Palácio da Brejoeira Alvarinho White 2019Vinho Verde€22
11Fresh From Amphora Vinho De Talha Natcool White 2019Alentejo€12
12Manoella Red 2018Douro€14
13Herdade do Rocim Alicante Bouschet Red 2017Alentejo€12
14Afluente Alvarinho 2017Vinho Verde€20
15Fiuza Sauvignon Blanc White 2019Tejo€5
16Coelheiros Red 2017Alentejo€12
17Marcado a Ferros White 2016Dão€20
18Portal da Azenha Red 2017Beira Interior€5
19Luis Pato Vinha Formal Sparkling 2010Bairrada€18
20Bafarela Reserva Red 2018Douro€6
21Quinta de São João Batista Grande Reserva White 2018Tejo€30
22Quinta da Caldeirinha Red 2015Beira Interior€9
23Mimo White 2019Douro€9
24Quinta dos Carvalhais Colheita White 2018Dão€8
25Casa de Saima Old Vines White 2017Bairrada€12
26Quinta Serra D'Oura White 2017Trás-os-Montes€14
27CH by Chocapalha White 2017Lisboa€26
28Lés-a-Lés L´Emigrant Sauvignon Blanc Lisboa White 2017Lisboa€19
29Casa de Saima Bairrada Baga Tonel 10 Red 2018Bairrada€11
30Cortém Sauvignon Blanc Viognier White 2014Lisboa€13


In July, you’ll only need to spend around €50 to taste these five amazing wines.

Creamy, delicious, and affordable – the Portuguese have a love affair with the Terras do Demo Bruto Sparkling. Produced with the Malvasia Fina variety, it has a fine and persistent bubble, a slightly citrus color with straw tones, and an intense aroma. From the Azores comes the Pico Wines Terras de Lava, a White with a tropical and citrus fruits aroma coated with pungent saltiness. Also citric but from a warmer climate, is the Coelheiros White 2018.

If you wish to get off the often beaten track, the Arinto Reserva 2015 from Quinta de Pancas reveals the full potential from the Arinto grape when properly aged. 
For just €5 you can taste A Descoberta, a Rosé from Dão with a good balance between body, acidity, and alcohol.

Terras do Demo Bruto Sparkling 2018
1Terras do Demo Bruto Sparkling 2018Távora-Varosa€8
2Quinta dos Monteirinhos Avô António Encruzado White 2018Dão€12
3Mateus Rosé OriginalAlentejo€4
4Muros Antigos Alvarinho White 2019Vinho Verde€11
5Pico Wines Terras de Lava White 2019Açores€12
6Quintas de Melgaço QM Alvarinho White 2019Vinho Verde€10
7Plansel Tinto Red 2019Alentejo€5
8Quinta da Lapa Clarete Retro Red 2017Tejo€6
9Azores Wine Company Arinto dos Açores White 2018Açores€24
10Casal Sta. Maria Sauvignon Blanc White 2018Lisboa€15
11Anselmo Mendes Vinhão Red 2019Vinho Verde€6
12Luís Pato Fernão Pires Red 2011Bairrada€10
13Vale dos Ares Alvarinho White 2019Vinho Verde€12
14Altas Quintas 600 White 2018Alentejo€7
15Coelheiros White 2018Alentejo€12
16Poças Fora da Série Orange 2018Douro€21
17Real Companhia Velha Séries Gouveio White 2016Douro€24
18Murganheira Chardonnay Sparkling 2010Távora-Varosa€18
19Niepoort Diálogo White 2019Douro€6
20Herdade do Sobroso Cellar Selection Rosé 2019Alentejo€14
21Monte do Pintor White 2018Alentejo€11
22Quinta de Pancas Arinto Reserva White 2015Lisboa€15
23José de Sousa Mayor Red 2016Alentejo€25
24Meandro do Vale Meão Red 2018Douro€13
25A Descoberta Rosé 2019Dão€5
26Opção ABC Darium Superior White 2019Vinho Verde€6
27Adega de Pegões Colheita Seleccionada White 2019Setúbal€3
28Quinta da Levada Azal Origens White 2019Vinho Verde€6
29Pedra Cancela Reserva White 2018Dão€10
30Fresh From Amphora Vinho De Talha Natcool Red 2019Alentejo€12
31Quinta da Lapa Touriga Nacional Reserva Red 2015Tejo€11

Find out more about Portuguese Wine Regions in the article Best Portuguese Wine Regions: The Chess Game


The hottest month starts with Phenomena, a Rosé from the Douro. A beautifully packaged wine full of character and originality. 

Soalheiro Granit reveals Alvarinho’s mineral profile while Gorro brings the floral expression of the Loureiro grape. Argilla is a fresh, unoaked, herbal Red from Alentejo made from a blend of Alicante Bouschet, Alfrocheiro, Touriga Nacional and Petit Verdot.
Hot days ask for fine and velvety bubbles, acidity, and a pleasant dryness, something that Sidónio de Sousa Special Cuvée White Brut has plenty of.

Quanta Terra Phenomena Pinot Noir Rosé 2018
1Quanta Terra Phenomena Pinot Noir Rosé 2018Douro€30
2Muralhas White 2019Vinho Verde€4
3Dom Diogo Vinhão Red 2019Vinho Verde€5
4Azores Wine Company Rosé Vulcanico Rosé 2019Açores€11
5Mainova Red 2019Alentejo€10
6Soalheiro Alvarinho Granit White 2019Vinho Verde€12
7Abanico White 2018Dão€8
8AJTS Escolha Red 2020Vinho Verde€7
9Lés-a-Lés Arinto de Pedra e Cal Bucelas White 2017Lisboa€19
10Filipa Pato Post Quercus Red 2018Bairrada€16
11Monte da Ravasqueira Sauvignon Blanc White 2018Alentejo€8
12Paço de Teixeiró Avesso White 2017Vinho Verde€15
13Planalto White 2019Douro€4
14Aveleda Loureiro & Alvarinho White 2019Vinho Verde€5
15Poças Rosé 2019Douro€8
16Niepoort Vertente Red 2017Douro€13
17Almeida Garret Reserve White 2013Beira Interior€14
18Murganheira Bruto Sparkling 2010Távora-Varosa€13
19Argilla Red 2017Alentejo€7
20Gorro White 2019Vinho Verde€13
21Sidónio de Sousa Special Cuvée White Brut SparklingBeira Interior€12
22Quinta de San Joanne Terroir Mineral White 2018Vinho Verde€7
23Manoella White 2019Douro€14
24Soalheiro Allo Alvarinho Loureiro White 2019Vinho Verde€5
25Ponte de Lima Loureiro White 2019Vinho Verde€4
26Herdade do Arrepiado Velho Petit Verdot Red 2015Alentejo€20
27Destalo Vinho Verde White 2019Vinho Verde€5
28Sem Igual White 2017Vinho Verde€13
29Rui Roboredo Madeira Beyra Jaen Red 2018Beira Interior€24
30Marquês de Marialva Blanc de Blancs Brut SparklingBairrada€7
31Thyro Arinto White 2017Vinho Verde€6


Back to school! These wines are a lesson on biology, geography, and enology.

Quinta Vale Dona Maria Vinha da Francisca Red 2017 is one of the Douro’s finest and one of the best Portuguese wines. Lots of character and strength in both the aroma and palate make this a remarkable Red.

Pequenos Rebentos Alvarinho “À Moda Antiga” is a beautiful yet serious White made from a blend of Alvarinho and Arinto grapes macerated and partially fermented on the lees. I’d like to remember that Vinho Verde isn’t just Alvarinho so there’s also Castrus, a Loureiro from Quintas de Melgaço.

Back to the Douro to find CARM, a top-quality, affordable, and internationally recognized wine plus the Maçanita Sousão, a rare, elegant, and intense ruby-colored wine made exclusively from the Sousão grape. The Redoma Branco 2019 is a light-footed white wine that impresses with its balance and aging potential.
The class ends in Alentejo. Paulo Laureano Old Vines Private Selection White 2018 is made from Antão Vaz grapes coming from plots of old vineyards with low production and high concentration. Enjoy its ripe mango aromas, tangerine peel, paired with lots of minerality and a spicy touch.

Quinta Vale Dona Maria Vinha da Francisca Red 2017
1Quinta Vale Dona Maria Vinha da Francisca Red 2017Douro€60
2Vicentino Sauvignon Blanc Reserva White 2018Alentejo€22
3Esporão Reserva Red 2017Alentejo€13
4Pequenos Rebentos Alvarinho “À Moda Antiga” White 2019Vinho Verde€17
5Periquita Red 2019Setúbal€5
6Casa da Insua White 2018Dão€8
7Casa de Cadaval Riesling White 2015Tejo€18
8Quinta dos Carvalhais Mélange à 3 Red 2018Dão€6
9Herdade da Calada Baron De B Reserva Red 2005Alentejo€33
10Ribeiro Santo Rosé 2019Dão€5
11Niepoort Redoma White 2019Douro€15
12João Portugal Ramos Alvarinho Natural Brut Sparkling 2014Vinho Verde€24
13Quinta do Portal Moscatel do Douro Reserva 2007Douro€23
14Herdade das Servas Reserva Red 2006Alentejo€21
15José de Sousa Red 2017Alentejo€11
16Herdade do Sobroso Cellar Sellection White 2017Alentejo€20
17Quintas de Melgaço Castrus Loureiro White 2019Vinho Verde€7
18Maçanita A Touriga Vai Nua Unoaked Red 2019Alentejo€20
19Monte da Raposinha White 2019Alentejo€10
20Herdade do Arrepiado Velho Collection Red 2016Alentejo€27
21Quinta do Carmo Reserva Red 2013Alentejo€31
22Branco de Ventozelo White 2016Douro€15
23Carm Reserva Red 2017Douro€11
24Luis Pato Old Vines White 2019Bairrada€11
25Tapada de Coelheiros Red 2013Alentejo€30
26Paulo Laureano Old Vines Private Selection White 2018Alentejo€12
27Adega Mãe Terroir White 2013Lisboa€55
28Mouchão Red 2014Alentejo€45
29Maçanita Sousão ou será Vinhão Red 2017Douro€21
30Barão de Vilar Colheita Port 2005Douro€21


I expect that by October you’ve saved enough money to invest in the following wines starting with the Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2017. Wine Spectator gave it 98 points, Robert Parker and James Suckling gave 97. One to stash in the cellar.

Falcoaria Grande Reserva 2015 is a complex, structured Red made with Alicante Bouschet grapes from old vines.

Quinta de Arcossó in Trás-os-Montes presents this Grande Reserva, a fresh, structured blend of Arinto and Alvarinho. From Lisbon, Murgas offers a 100% Arinto from clay-limestone soils. A tasty and soft White supported by beautiful acidity.
From Douro Superior, Zom offers a balanced, appealing blend of Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca from old vines. Vinhas Improváveis shows an intense concentration of black fruits with a long juicy aftertaste.

Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2017
1Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2017Douro€100
2Paulo Laureano Reserva Vinea Julieta Talhão 24 Red 2012Alentejo€45
3Quinta de Arcossó Grand Reserve White 2018Trás-os-Montes€22
4Ferreira Dona Antonia 20 Years Tawny PortDouro€51
5Quinta da Romaneira Reserva Red 2016Douro€48
6Altano Organic Production Red 2019Douro€8
7Quinta das Marias Touriga Nacional Red 2016Dão€30
8Azores Wine Company Verdelho O Original White 2018Açores€24
9Fita Preta White 2019Alentejo€10
10Poças Red 2017Douro€8
11Cascale Síria Curtimenta White 2018Beira Interior€25
12Marquês de Borba Reserva Red 2009Alentejo€58
13Dalva Reserva Red 2016Douro€9
14Quinta de Fafide Reserve Red 2017Douro€8
15CARM White 2018Douro€10
16Monte da Peceguina Red 2018Alentejo€12
171836 Grande Reserva Red 2016Tejo€38
18Falcoaria Grande Reserva 2015 RedTejo€25
19Quinta da Viçosa Red 2012Alentejo€30
20Monte da Ravasqueira Late Harvest White 2017Alentejo€15
21Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional 2016Douro€52
22Tapada de Coelheiros Chardonnay White 2015Alentejo€26
23Bons Ares Red 2015Douro€14
24Quinta Alta Qalt Reserva Red 2017Douro€15
25Casa de Côro Reserva 2016 WhiteBeira Interior€38
26Pêra Manca Red 2014Alentejo€383
27Quinta de Arcossó Grande Reserva White 2018Trás-os-Montes€22
28Murgas White 2017Lisboa€15
29Zom Reserve Red 2015Douro€10
30Vinhas Improváveis Reserva Red 2018Douro€16
31Vasques de Carvalho 20 Years Old Tawny PortDouro€84


Ramilo Malvasia from Colares presents the rare chance to taste a wine that originates from bush vines planted by the Atlantic Ocean. 

“A phenomenal debut from an ungrafted vineyard planted by the Ramilo brothers in 2015. Half fermented in lagares on skins, it is a golden/straw hue, with tons of dry extract and savoury, salty mineral appeal. Long, energetic and focused finish.”

Sharah Ahmed for Decanter Magazine

Pôpa Black Edition White 2017 is a “field blend” from old vines. Beautiful aromatic complexity, full of flavor, intense, yet elegant.

Villa Oeiras is the last active producer from Carcavelos, a tiny wine region just outside Lisbon city. This fortified wine was rescued from oblivion by the Oeiras Municipality. It’s defined by a topaz color, with a complex bouquet of dried fruits, honey, and spices.

Vicentino Reserva Red, from the Alentejo coast, is the fortunate marriage between the Atlantic sea breeze, Touriga Nacional, and fine oak.

Henriques & Henriques describes its 1981 Verdelho as “a medium-dry wine with evident notes of tropical fruits, candied orange peel, peach, and apricot. Sweetness and acidity are in good balance, with a long aftertaste and a touch of spicy spices.” But like any other amazing aged Madeira, for sure that there’s plenty more to discover.

Ramilo Malvasia de Colares White 2018
1Alambre Moscatel de Setúbal 20 YearsSetúbal€40
2Monte da Ravasqueira Premium Red 2012Alentejo€35
3Taylor's Quinta das Vargellas Vinha Velha Vintage Port 2017Douro€332
4Ramilo Malvasia de Colares White 2018Lisboa€64
5MR Premium Rosé 2015Alentejo€31
6Niepoort Redoma White 2018Douro€18
7Pôpa Black Edition White 2017Douro€16
8Quinta de Foz de Arouce Red 2015Beira Interior€14
9Coelheiros Garrafeira Red 2012Alentejo€70
10Casas do Côro Reserve White 2015Beira Interior€35
11Vallegre Colheita Red 2017Douro€5
12Carcavelos Villa Oeiras 15 YearsLisboa€30
13Ventozelo Reserva Red 2016Douro€8
14Monte da Ravasqueira Touriga Franca Red 2012Alentejo€15
15Croft Quinta da Roêda Sérikos Porto Vintage 2017Douro€320
16Prazo de Roriz Red 2017Douro€10
171836 Grande Reserva White 2015Tejo€38
18Quinta de La Rosa Reserva Red 2017Douro€32
19Periquita Superyor Red 2008Setúbal€51
20Campolargo Termeão Red 2006Bairrada€26
21CARM Reserva White 2018Douro€15
22Quinta dos Avidagos Reserva Red 2017Douro€10
23Quinta do Pego Colheita Porto 2011Douro€63
24Vicentino Reserva Red 2014Alentejo€22
25Plansel Touriga Nacional Old Vines Red 2015Alentejo€21
26Quinta de Arcossó Reserve Red 2015Trás-os-Montes€12
27Henriques & Henriques Verdelho 1981Madeira€255
28Quinta do Cidrô Chardonnay White 2018Douro€14
29Herdade da Calada Block nº3 Red 2006Alentejo€44
30Herdade das Servas Vinhas Velhas Red 2012Alentejo€32


December celebrations are a time for luscious meals with friends and family, so I’ve picked some of the best Portuguese wines and “crammed” them in the last month of the year.

Quinta do Vale Meão 2017 is the only Portuguese still wine to be awarded 100 points by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

“This wine continues the line of magnificent wines created by (Dona Antónia) descendants. It is structured and dense yet poised. The rich dark fruit has melded with the tannins, although both will take much more time to fully develop.”

Procura Vinhas Velhas White 2017 is an exceptionally fresh, but intense wine, the result of the vineyard’s age, location, and complexity of the field blend. Also from Alentejo, Mamoré de Borba is a wine from limestone soils aged in amphorae. It presents a complex aroma with oxidative notes and herbs well-matched with a remarkable acidity.

Teixuga, is one of Dão’s finest. High-intensity aroma, revealing the intricate aromas due to aging and to the characteristics of the Encruzado variety. The mouth is intense and bulky, revealing a lively but well-integrated acidity. 

Sidónio de Sousa produces great wines from Bairrada. He owns some of the oldest Baga vines and continues to produce in a traditional way, resulting in juicy, fruit‐forward exquisite wines aged in old Portuguese oak. The Garrafeira Red 2011 is a great example of this winemaking tradition.

Quinta do Vale Meão Red 2017
1Quinta do Vale Meão Red 2017Douro€138
2Procura Vinhas Velhas White 2017Alentejo€24
3Quinta do Monte Xisto Red 2018Douro€55
4Paulo Laureano Dolium Selection White 2016Alentejo€37
5Quinta do Vesuvio Red 2017Douro€57
6Alambre Moscatel de Setúbal 10 YearsSetúbal€25
7Quinta Nova Aeterunus Red 2017Douro€165
8Esporão Reserva White 2019Alentejo€12
9Casa de Santar Colheita Red 2018Dão€8
10Campolargo Diga? Red 2007Bairrada€29
11Mamoré de Borba Vinho de Talha White 2018Alentejo€24
12Paulo Laureano Selectio Grossa Red 2010Alentejo€35
13APF Grande Escolha Red 2011Lisboa€80
14Júlia Kemper White 2016Dão€19
15Comenda Grande Polémico Red 2004Alentejo€17
16Marquês de Marialva Grande Reserva Red 2013Bairrada€20
17Herdade das Servas Touriga Nacional Red 2006Alentejo€28
18Casa da Passarella Villa Oliveira Encruzado White 2016Dão€60
19Grande Rocim Reserva Red 2015Alentejo€53
20Envelope Red 2016Dão€40
21Quinta das Cerejeiras Grande Reserva White 2017Lisboa€25
22Vieira de Sousa 10 Anos White PortDouro€20
23Niepoort Redoma Red 2017Douro€30
24Teixuga White 2014Dão€40
25Quinta do Crasto Vinha Maria Teresa Red 2016Douro€240
26Grahams The Stone Terraces Vintage Porto 2017Douro€410
27Post Scriptum Red 2018Douro€16
28Palácio dos Távoras Golden Edition Red 2015Douro€121
29Chryseia Red 2017Douro€60
30Sidónio Sousa Garrafeira Red 2011Bairrada€35
31Vértice RD Sparking 2000Douro€210

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of the article ?. I sincerely hope that you leave with a Portuguese wine in mind and give it a try.

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