Where to Buy Portuguese Wine in the UK

I assume that you live in the UK and you’re looking for the best way to buy Portuguese wine because sometimes it’s hard to find stores with a good selection of table wines. In many cases Portuguese wine still means just Port. I’ve browsed the web, went through dozens of online stores, and identified the ones selling Portuguese wine. Furthermore, I’ve looked at the delivery time and rates so you have no more excuses not to buy Portuguese wine.

This article will focus on still wines. We’ll leave Port, Madeira, and other fortified wines for an upcoming article.

Research criteria


  • Public e-commerce store
  • Specific category for Portuguese wine
  • More than 10 different still wines available
  • At least two-thirds of stock composed of still wines
  • Have a product photo and description, not just a list

Delivery time and rates

  • Tested websites with an order worth £75
  • Simulated a delivery in London
Portuguese Wine – Shipping from the UK

Merchants selling Portuguese wine – Shipping from the UK

The wine merchants are sorted, by default, according to their Portuguese wines Availability (range). You can read the table by Delivery Time (range in days), Delivery Cost, or Merchant’s Name. By clicking on the Merchant’s name you’ll be redirected to its website.

MerchantAvailabilityDelivery (days)Fees
Portugalia Wines100-2491-30-Free
Butlers Wine Cellar100-2491-29.99
Exquisite Portuguese Wines50-991-516
Great Wines Direct50-991-57.95
The Wine Society50-992-40-Free
Hedonism Wines50-991-27.95
Drink Portuguese Wine50-991-25.99
The Fine Wine Company50-995-96.95
Bottle Apostle50-991-210
Portuguese Story50-991-50-Free
The Portuguese Conspiracy50-992-37.85
Portuguese Vinhos50-992-58.75
Laithwaite’s Wine50-9937.99
Wine Direct25-493-69.95
Waitrose & Partners25-492-35.95
Great Western Wine25-491-47.5
Tanners Wines Ltd.25-491-28.5
Highbury Vintners25-492-57.95
Drink Finder25-492-34.95
JN Wine10-241-510.95
Connollys Wine10-241-212
Eton Vintners10-245-1010
Hennings Wine Merchants10-2417.5
Adnams Southwold10-243-50-Free
Slurp Wine Company Limited10-2417.95
Naked Wines10-2414.99
Wood Winters10-2418
Rude Wines10-242-55.99
Virgin Wine Online10-2417.99

Top availability

Portugalia WinesButlers Wine Cellar, and Exquisite Portuguese Wines are the online stores that have the highest availability with about 100 wines in stock. These three stores are closely followed by Great Wines Direct and The Wine Society that offer around 80 to 90 wines.

Top delivery time

Hennings Wine MerchantsSlurp Wine Company LimitedNaked WinesWood Winters, and Virgin Wine Online, all bet on a premium service by guaranteeing next day delivery.

Topmost affordable delivery rates

Portugalia WinesPortuguese Story, The Wine Society and Adnams Southwold have a free shipping policy (for a £75 order).

Overall winners

Portugalia Wines was founded in 1983, specializing in the distribution of Portuguese products in the UK. It has more than 100 wines in stock and offers a 1 to 3 days of free delivery service.

The Wine Society is one of the UK’s leading wine merchants, operating as a co-operative organization owned solely by its members. It has about 80 Portuguese wines in stock and offers a 2 to 4 days free delivery service.

Butlers Wine Cellar is a family-run wine merchant based in Brighton. Mr. Henry Butler offers its clients a range of more than 100 Portuguese wines and a 1-2 days delivery service for £9,99.

Portuguese Wine – Shipping from Portugal

Merchants selling Portuguese wine – Shipping from Portugal

The wine merchants are sorted, by default, according to their Portuguese wines Availability (range). You can read the table by Delivery Time (range in days), Delivery Cost (cost may vary according to exchange rate fluctuations), or Merchant’s Name. By clicking on the Merchant’s name you’ll be redirected to its website.

MerchantAvailabilityDelivery (days)Delivery fee
Portugal Vineyards6000-69993-48.9
Garrafeira Nacional4000-4999536.2
Wine From Portugal3000-39995-725.5
Garrafeira Soares3000-39991-526.66
Gourmet da Vila3000-39993-430
Winehouse Portugal3000-39995-1022.5
Prestige Wines2000-29995-1022.5
Vinho Web1000-19995-628
Estado Líquido1000-19991-252.25
Cave Lusa1000-19992-747.5
Wine Spiritus1000-19991-324.85
Portuguese Wines Shop500-999413.43
Garrafeira FGP250-499531.43
Garrafeira Portugal by Decanter Lda250-4991-546
Wine Click250-4991-523.9
Mercearia do Vinho100-2491-525
Adega Portuguesa100-2496-828

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Top availability

Portugal Vineyards, with over 6000 wines, is the online store with the highest number of available products. It’s followed by Garrafeira NacionalWine From PortugalGarrafeira SoaresGourmet da Vila and Winehouse Portugal with availability between 3000 and 4000 Portuguese wines.

Top delivery time

Estado Líquido, Enovinho, and Wine Spiritus guarantee a fast, 1 to 2 days delivery to the United Kingdom.

Topmost affordable delivery rates

Portugal VineyardsPortuguese Wines Shop, and Wine.pt offer relatively low shipping costs ranging from £9 to £14 per 6 bottles of wine.

Overall winners

Portugal Vineyards depicts itself as an independent wine merchant specialized in Portuguese wines and spirits. It has a massive number of available wines, the lowest delivery rate – £9, and a fairly acceptable 3 to 4 days delivery time. Garrafeira Nacional, founded in 1927, has become Portugal’s main reference in wine commerce. Its wine stores located in Lisbon help to consolidate this position. The online store offers about 4000 of the best Portuguese wines. Portuguese Wines Shop offers a good balance between availability, about 500 wines in stock, and delivery time and cost, 4 days at a £12 rate – plus the website is entirely in english, from the homepage to the checkout.

Main takeaways

UK market overview

I’ve found 29 online stores that sell Portuguese wine. Average availability: 45 wines. Average shipping cost: £7Average delivery time: 2.5 days

PT market overview

I’ve found 22 online stores that ship Portuguese wine to the UK. Average availability: 1750 wines. Average shipping cost: £25Average delivery time: 4.5 days


I hope this article helps you with buying Portuguese wine in the UK. I believe that any purchase decision will be made between availability, PT stores win, versus delivery, some UK stores have next day delivery or free shipping. In the UK store availability ranges from 10 to 100 wines while the Portuguese counterparts have at least 100 wines and can go all the way up to 6000. Some merchants based in the UK offer free delivery but when ordering from Portugal you’ll pay at least £9 (for a £75 order). Regarding delivery times, you can get next day delivery in the UK but also a fairly good 1 to 3 days delivery time from Portugal. Do you know other stores that should make this list? Send me a message!

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