Wine Tasting in Lisbon: Uncovering Portugal’s Hidden Gems

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Join wine aficionados Dirceu Viana Junior, a Master of Wine, and Luís Lopes, a seasoned wine expert, on a journey of discovery as they showcase some of the finest Portuguese wines at a wine-tasting event in the heart of Lisbon, Terreiro do Paço. Each wine was hand-selected, with the criteria being a Gold or Great Gold award from the previous year’s Concurso de Vinhos de Portugal.

An amazing lineup

Begin with the crisp and refreshing Quintas de Melgaço Vinhas Velhas Alvarinho, a white wine from the Vinho Verde Region that is a true expression of authenticity. The Soito Encruzado, a white wine from the Dão Region, surprises with its delicate floral notes, while the Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores Encruzado also from Dão presents a complex flavor profile.

Savor the balance and smooth finish of the Bairrada Region’s white wine, Encontro 1, and the well-received, but somewhat shy, Aliança Baga Clássico by Quinta da Dôna, a red wine from Bairrada as well. The Tecedeiras, Grande Reserva, a red wine from the Douro Region, is rich and full-bodied, and the Menin, Grande Reserva, also from the Douro, showcases a good depth of flavor and a smooth finish.

My personal favorite of the evening was the Reynolds, Grande Reserva, a red wine from Alentejo that has been aging beautifully. This wine presents a captivating combination of complexity, intensity, and vibrant acidity.

For those who appreciate wine with a sumptuous aromatic bouquet, the Vista Alegre Colheita, a red Colheita Port from 1980, is a must-try. Finally, the Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setúbal Superior, from the Setúbal Region, is a delightful surprise with a lush palate supported by orange-like aromas and acidity.

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A celebration of the diversity and quality of Portuguese wines

This wine-tasting event in Lisbon was a true celebration of the quality and diversity of Portuguese wine. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply looking to expand your palate, the experience is not to be missed. So raise a glass and join Dirceu and Luís in uncovering the hidden gems of Portuguese wine in Lisbon.

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